"Wall Size" Periodic Table Project

"Wall Size" Periodic Table Project

Friday, October 13, 2017 - 09:00

Stein Sign Display and our sister company, Elite Signs & Graphix, were tasked with producing a Periodic Table.  No big deal, right?  Our challenge was to make it large enough to fill up the wall space, but also make it interactive.   We were able to accomplish both!  The sign looks amazing and is easy to read from a distance.  Students are able to take the tiles off of the wall to study and learn from the information on each tile.   And because we made each tile magnetic, the tiles can be easiliy put back into place when the students are finished.  

According to Mark Iverson, Science Teacher at the Watertown Middle School, this is a "first" in the marketplace.  "I've searched for 3 years for a product like this and there isn't one.  Thank you Stein Sign Display for thinking outside the box and making this a reality!"

The QR code is a unique feature as well.  When students scan the code, it directs them to a website that contains the Periodic Table for further detail and learning opportunities.  

General Manager of Stein Sign Display, Stuart Stein, also serves as President of the School Board for the Watertown School District so this particular project was extra special for him to take part in as well.  "This project has been one of my favorites because we were able to fill a need in the marketplace, along with directly impacting the learning and engagement level of the students.  We're grateful that we had the opportunity to partner with Mark and the Watertown School District."