Monday, October 5, 2020 – 01:15

Like so many others across our community, state, and country, I’ve been quarantined for the last 3 weeks. Thanks to modern technology, I’ve been able to work from home.Unlike many others, I’ve successfully finished my quarantine without a single zoom or Skype meeting. Does anyone use Skype anymore? Maybe that’s aging me. So….what does 3 weeks working from home look like?

Working from home has had it’s pros and cons. Let’s start with the cons:

1. Not being able to see your team and customers daily: Obviously this is the biggest con. No matter how great technology is, it’ll never be able to replace face to face, in person interaction.

2. Difficulty sticking to the same routine: Meetings were conducted from my couch one day and a breakfast table the next. My “office” was where ever I took my laptop. Really, for 3 weeks, it was Thunderdome. Very little routine.

3. Distractions: It’s a little awkward when the owner of the company calls you to discuss numbers, issues, or really….anything at all and your “co-workers” are upstairs barking at the little kids riding bike down the road. Can’t begin to tell you how many times I spoke to customers both internal and external in the furnace room in my basement for a little quiet.

4. Boredom: The office provides certain things that home can’t. I never thought I’d miss conversations about Brittany’s chickens…but there I was, day 3, wondering what was up with those chickens. The office provides a certain “buzz” that home just can’t replicate.

5. NO 2nd MONITOR!!!! How can I navigate all 38 of my tabs on just one little lap-top???

Ok…I’m an overly optimistic guy so lets move on from the cons

Pros about working from home:

1. Wardrobe: Hard to beat this. Pretty sure I wore a “groutfit” at least half a dozen times. What’s a “groutfit”? According to my very hip 15 year old daughter, it’s when you wear grey pants with a grey shirt. I did this multiple times just to poke fun at her. I also wore softball shorts and t-shirts. Pretty sweet…not gonna lie

2. Zero commuting. My “office” doubled down as my bed. Was definitely nice waking up, rolling over, putting my glasses on and being “at work” Definitely didn’t hate that

3. Flexibility: I ate lunch at 10am..12:24…2:16…whenever I wanted. Nice having what seems like an endless supply of Coke cans at your fingertips

4. Emails and calls: Super easy to get to at home vs the office. I hope my coworkers don’t get used to me replying to emails within 30 seconds when I get back to the office ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Save $. No gas to and from work multiple times daily. Home for lunch every single day. No other surprise expenses.

All in all, 3 weeks from home wasn’t terrible but certainly wasn’t ideal. I’m thankful that I was given the opportunity to continue to work while quarantining. I’m even more thankful I’m given the opportunity to go back now that quarantine is over. I miss my office. I miss the people I work with. I miss customers. I miss human interaction. My only hope is the above miss me half as much as I miss them

Sam Mooney

Stein Sign Display & Elite Signs and Graphix General Manager

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