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Thursday, May 28, 2020 – 03:15

I never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Clint Stein. Clint founded our company 68 years ago in 1952. I’d like to think that Clint would be proud of where our company is today. Today we employ over 100 people and travel the state providing a “WOW” experience for our customers. Every so often, our customers provide a “WOW” experience for us. Over the last several months I’ve had the honor of meeting and knowing Dan Schutte. Dan has provided our community with a “WOW” experience for the last decade or so. We’d like to return the favor. Because Dan and his team have been so selfless with Access Ministry, we are donating a sign to their cause. Let me tell you why. 

 Around 11 years ago Dan was led to start what was called the Thursday Night Gathering which provides opportunity for people to be blessed with a free meal and conversation. This was held on every Thursday evening at 6:00 with those who would attend along with opportunity for others to be a part of the blessing in the providing of the meal. Shortly thereafter, the ministry became what is now a full time ministry located in uptown Watertown providing opportunity for people to be blessed with furniture, clothes, appliances, kitchen ware, food, etc. Access provides the opportunity for people to not only receive God’s love when needed, but also to share God’s love. Over 500 Thursdays later, they serve around 100 people on those Thursday Night Gatherings. Now they’ve expanded to serving lunch out of their cafe every day to whomever walks in their door….at no charge. With the help of Michelle, Dan’s wife, and the team he’s built around him, Access Ministry is spreading joy throughout our community on a daily basis.

Well over a year ago, Stein Sign Display wanted to give back. We wanted to gift a company or organization with a free sign. The whole works. We brainstormed many times with many different people before deciding on Access Ministry. Access has been gifted so many items over the years but what they didn’t have was a big beautiful sign to help spread their message of “Come to the well” That’s where we come in. 

Access Ministry takes on a variety of blessings like mentioned above. If someone is in need, they pass those blessings on to whomever is in need. They don’t keep…they constantly give. We are happy to partner with them to give them an opportunity to keep. With an updated sign, it should draw in more people to come in and ask…”What is it that you all do?” People like Timothy Kelly. 4 years ago, Timothy came in for a meal and never left. Today, free of past demons and full of faith, Timothy runs the day to day operations of Access. He is walking tribute to all the amazing things that they do. People like John who walked through the doors of Access for a bottle of cold water and like Timothy, never left.

Stein Sign Display can’t think of a better recipient than Dan and his team for our sign donation. Every day they give the gift of light by breathing light into those that need it. It’s our honor and absolute privilege to give to a cause that’s always giving.​

If you know of another non-profit organization that is need of a sign, please let us know.

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