Tuesday, November 19, 2019 – 11:00

Employee Spotlight: Chris Wilson

This week’s employee spotlight shines on Chris Wilson! Chris is our Digital Billboard Manager and Sign Consultant. Chris has been with our company totaling 16 years!! Chris started in mold building way back on day 1 and has seen everything in between. From pan forming to frames and even helping get the Webster plant up and operational, there isn’t much Mr. Wilson hasn’t seen!

What is your favorite thing about Stein Sign Display?

I get do what I enjoy every day. Providing a high quality product that exceeds any and all expectations and I get to hang out with cool new people all the time.

What is one dish you HAVE to HAVE at Thanksgiving?

Pumpkin Pie with a ton of Cool Whip. Green Bean Casserole is a close second.

What brought you to Stein Sign Display?

I was fresh in my sales career and I liked the idea of selling a product that I’ve built and knew incredibly well.

If you had unlimited time/resources, what hobby/skill would you learn?

I would rather expand on a hobby that I’m very passionate about. I love making music with my band. Touring the country in a smelly van would bring me great joy

What are you thankful for?

Every minute above ground is a blessing. I’m thankful for all my experiences. Each moment is a learning experience

Click here to learn more about Chris and the rest of our SSD Staff!!

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