Stein Sign Display Team Building

Stein Sign Display Team Building

Friday, December 22, 2017 - 03:00

Our team participated in a fun team building activity that involved making a "Safety Net" to catch an egg from being dropped about 8 feet in the air.  They had 10 minutes to build their best "Safety Net" out of the following items: 

3 pieces of 3" Duct Tape
3 pieces of 3" Electrical Tape
3 pieces of 3" Scotch Tape
5 Napkins
3 Pencils
10 Straws
1 Brown Paper Bag
1 Stein SIgn Display 65th Year Anniversary Koozie

Because we build such quality signs here, it was no surprise that all 3 teams built a quality safety net.  We started with 4 eggs and finished with 3, but blame that on Stuart for not lining the egg up properly before sending it splattering into the ground!!  

Check out the 40 second clip--it's funny!  And it was FUN!